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The UAE has succeeded in reinforcement the spirit and the culture of entrepreneurship and taking positive initiatives, placing UAE among all the developed countries of the world, as our leadership has recognized the importance of consolidating and integrating the traditional commercial spirit of private companies with the new factors of globalization.

SHOMOKH group established by Chairman of its Board of Directors, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Musallam Bin Ham Al Ameri, is one of the leading private national companies that has played a key role in the economic life of UAE as well as succeeded in adapting to the local and global changed economic condition.

SHOMOKH has become one of the most important private companies in UAE, due to the wise directives of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Mohammed bin Muslim bin Ham Al Ameri.

The group has distinguished in creative thinking, risk taking, flexibility and initiative to enhance and sustain the company’s business and activities. actively participating in achieving economic development goals by increasing economic activity and providing job opportunities for citizens. It is also contributing in enhancing the competitiveness of national economies by providing services in various sectors of tourism, construction, training, professional development, publishing, culture and many other vital fields.

SHOMOKH Group plays a big role in supporting and sustaining community development programs, in line with the vision of wise leadership and its continuous encouragement to the private sector to stand side by side with the government sector in the service of individual & community. Doing though Motivating its contribution and guiding the routers of community’s responsibility ...