Our Group

Al Rawnaq Al Zahabi Contracting & General Maintenance Co.

Al Rawnaq company is one of the leading companies in the field of general contracting and maintenance, established in 2006. The company has an effective contribution role in urban renaissance that UAE has witnessed in facilities and utilities in the state.

In this context, the company provides the highest levels of services to customers on time according to the budget allocated to quality requirements by providing a climate of partnership between employees, managers and stakeholders.

The company pursues a policy of encouraging its talented employee through implementing incentive policy, that depends on performance evaluation program which sets the employees goals, provides a measurement of the level of performance and the extent of development achieved within the company.

Moreover, working on attracting the best qualified human resources, while developing and training their skills during their presence in the work site, under the supervision of a team of expertise in the field of specialization.

The company assure its commitment to health and safety standards at the company's premises, where a large team of health and safety staff ensures adherence to international standards and legal requirements, best health and safety practices, implements operational controls, conducts risk assessments and ongoing training and awareness programs.

The Innovative use of the visual impact theater is being used to deliver the health and safety message to fill any possible barriers helping understand workers.