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Bin Ham Real Estate

Bin Ham Real Estate

The real estate sector in UAE is one of the engines of economic growth and the main tool of the country's economic diversification policy. SHOMOKH Group has embraced this trend and launched many successful real estate projects within UAE that meet the huge demand of residential units and commercial spaces.

Since the foundation of SHOMOKH Group in 2007, it has successfully invented an impact projects in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain, which have bridge the gap between supply and demand, and meet the needs of the national housing sector.

The vision of the group is focused on designing modern and urban residential communities.

The company strives to meet the broad aspirations of those looking for a great way of life, by commitment and dedication to understand the aspirations of its customers, and execute it in a best way, as well developing distinctive homes with modern designs, providing a high level of customer service.

The company also aims to provide a new lifestyle for ambitious citizens and residents by providing a livable atmosphere, work and leisure, and building communities that help their friends build new friendships among their residents.

Bin Ham Real Estate's portfolio has managed to achieve annual returns between 7-10% despite the challenges that has faced the sector as a result of economic and geopolitical factors, causing instability in the region for a while, in addition to supply and demand conditions.