Our Group

Institute of Professional Innovation “TAFKEER”

Established in 2017, part of SHOMOKH group. TAFKEER believe that the human factor is the main engine of the resources of both public and private enterprises, especially when they have the skills and knowledge that match the nature and needs of the company.

The training process has a very effective impact on the profitability of the human element and it is necessary to maintain a highly efficient workforce, to raise the level of skills and help instill the confidence of the employees and improve the quality of work.

The training and development programs offered by the Institute ‘’TAFKEER’’ works on educating employees with knowledge and skills that are necessary to work efficiently. It also provides training expenses, applying the modern practices in training & qualification for career development according to the latest mechanisms and systems applied globally, regionally and locally, moreover achieve the career objectives.

The institute provide more efficiency and success for young generation, professionals and institutions to contribute in the development of human capital, thus, in the development process of the country.

TAFKEER now is the largest educational institution in terms of training specialties adopted by Abu Dhabi center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

The Institute is committed to develop and refine the young generation and professional’s distinction to support Abu Dhabi's 2030 strategy, through qualified professional qualifications and specialized dynamic training programs, with high quality and unique standards of an interactive philosophy.