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SHOMOKH Foundation for Studies and Research

SHOMOKH Foundation for Studies and Research, affiliated to SHOMOKH Group, supports the cultural active movement witnessed by UAE to contribute in the regional and international cultural scene in order to establish an Arabic cultural renaissance, that includes various sectors of human knowledge, the book will represent the cornerstone, as well as the organization of events and activities related to publishing and distribution

Since its establishment in 2007, the Foundation has support the development and improvement of the book industry in UAE and the Arab world, as well encouraged reading, promoting the movement of publishing, thus culture and scientific research in all political, economic and social aspects, through providing the latest publications in various fields, supporting the Arabic library and achieving cultural knowledge in UAE.

The Foundation strived to achieve excellence and creativity in its field, while ensuring to respect both the intellectual, the creator and the publisher at the same time, meeting their needs in the way they demand and even dream. In order to achieve this goal, the foundation has adopted a method which is totally unique, by introducing every innovator carrying new thought and style that elevates the Arabic and local field of publishing, moreover expresses a new generation that injects vitality and activity in the process of cultural and practical publishing in general.

Although the foundation’s establishment is recent, in a very short notice it became one of the promising publishing centers in UAE. Worked too hard to give the authors the best chances of success in the current crowded market. SHOMOKH foundation is characterized with spreading creativity and constant seeking of building a reputable reputation, leaving an imprint in the local and global publishing industry.

One of the most important publications of the Foundation: “United Arab Emirates, Good governance”, “Shura in the UAE”, “The way to excellence”, and other books