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The volunteer team (AOUNAK YA WATAN)

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Musallem Salem Bin Ham Al-Ameri, IIMSAM Deputy Secretary-General, Chairman of SHOMOKH Group, played a major role in the launch of the “AOUNAK YA WATAN” Volunteer Team, implementing the directives of the wise leadership of encouraging voluntary work which has become a key pillar in the UAE.

Consolidating the Values of patriotism and loyalty, assuring the loyalty to good leadership, strengthening the belonging, highlighting national achievements, motivating volunteering, and serving the community through volunteering as a noble message. The team attracts individuals who meet the criteria of communication, sharing ideas, participation in humanitarian and charitable issues, and strengthening the interdependence among different members of society.

AOUNAK YA WATAN has been established and named as fulfilment to UAE and an The wise leadership, as the country is in dire need for the energies of its creative citizen to contribute in development and to highlight the voluntary role of the civilizational community. As well volunteer work is one of the manifestations of the charitable and humanitarian activities practiced by the country on the external level, in the shade of the keenness of UAE government and its unlimited support for voluntary work and its institutions, as well as the voluntary public welfare associations and their programs General Voluntary Programs.

The vision of the team is that volunteering is a noble national mission, titled : "serving the community and strengthening its pillars and initiatives", while aiming to consolidate the values of patriotism, invest leisure time in serving the society and highlighting its creative energies, and emphasize country loyalty and its wise leadership, participate in Participation in national celebrations and events, Highlight the national achievements and its leadership and greatness, and motivate the awareness work of the younger generation.