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Al Aman Travel & Tourism

Al Aman for travel & tourism, a member of SHOMOKH Group, has been able to benefit greatly from the booming in travel and tourism in UAE, becoming one of the leading companies in this competitive sector, attaining unprecedented boom in its performance since its establishment in 1978 until now.

Al Aman is the largest International Air Transport Association “IATA” agencies in Al Ain, working as an authorized agent for more than 65 international airlines. Its excellent performance has qualified it enough to be awarded an prestigious ones by national and international airlines such as Etihad Airways, Emirates Airline and other International companies operating in the country.

It also has a sector specialized in holidays, supervised by highly qualified crew, to organize tourism and cultural programs including hotels and leisure trips to all parts of the world.

Al Aman’s branch in Al-YAHER, that is 30 km away from Al Ain city, is the first travel and tourism agency providing travel and holiday services for its citizens. As well there are two branches located located in Al Ain Industrial Area and Al-Wajn Branch.

The company has witnessed an immense growth through the alliances and partnerships with local and international companies. In 2013 Flydubai, in partnership with Al-Aman, has opened an office in Al Ain, which provides services to the airline's passengers, including payment of tour tickets, modifications on existing reservations, purchasing of optional extras such as additional luggage weight or seat booking with additional leg space, as well visa facilitation services to UAE.

The company has expanded due to the heavy demand for its services in UAE, by operating a new branch in Al Wajn (70 km from Al Ain) considered the first branch of the agency offering travel and tourism services for citizens and residents, saving the effort of coming to city center for reservations or inquiries.

Throughout its history, Al-Aman for Travel and Tourism in Al-Ain awarded a certificate of appreciation from Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates, in recognition of the company's sales.

The company has enjoyed great competitive advantages in travel and tourism sector, through its commitment of a good organization of travel and tourism programs that suit all the company's clients, especially all ministries and government agencies as well as oil companies and major institutions.