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“IIMSAM” United Nations Organization

In the year 2017, IIMSAM Organization “The Intergovernmental Institution for the use of micro algae Spirulina against malnutrition” has appointed SHEIKH MOHAMMAD BIN MSALAM BIN HAM ALAMERI as the General Deputy Secretary of the Organization, as an appreciation of the global role that UAE has been participate in the field of humanitarian and development work.

The organization, headquartered in the United Nations building in Manhattan, New York, seeks to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in the developing world by circulating the use of spirulina as food.

Hiring his highness doctor Al SHEIKH MOHAMMAD BIN MSALAM BIN HAM ALAMERI as the General Deputy Secretary came as a support to the United Nations goals of sustainable development, in recognition of the United Arab Emirates and its related humanitarian efforts. Nominated his highness also marked a significant mark in supporting the institutional development of the organization and achieving its humanitarian goals. He is considered a scientifically and politically qualified person, as his highness is well known with his qualified scientifically and academically personality. As well his belonging to an ancient family and rooted in humanitarian work.

In his capacity as the Deputy Secretary General of IIMSAM, H.E. Sheikh Dr. Bin Ham Al Ameri plays an integral part to support the Office of the Secretary General and several activities in the UAE under the IIMSAM umbrella.

His remarkable efforts have helped further IIMSAM’s fight against malnutrition, not just in the Arab states, but globally as well.

Over the past two years, His highness has been working on strengthening the cooperation with many relevant authorities around the world in different fields, especially in combating poverty and hunger, achieving economic development of families, promoting economic participation of women and people with disabilities, supporting and social protection through early childhood development, empowerment of chaste families, youth and women by improving their qualification and capabilities in various fields, and managing natural resource and local development.